Leading National Home Builders Commit to EPA's Aggressive New Requirements

EPA is recognizing the leading builders across the nation who have committed to building homes that will meet the new and more rigorous ENERGY STAR requirements for qualified homes in 2012. By building the next generation of ENERGY STAR qualified…


EPA Updates ENERGY STAR Tool to Support Greater Energy Effiency in Hospitals

Healthcare organizations spend $7.4 billion in energy costs each year. To improve energy efficiency, thousands of hospitals rely on the EPA’s ENERGY STAR tools to help track consumption and prioritize facilities for energy upgrades. Today, EPA re…


How to Get An Affordable DIY Framed Mirror for Your Home Today!

If you want a fancy mirror on a small budget there is a DIY solution available at Coastal Transformations. Mirror Mate is a special frame that instantly transforms the way your bathroom mirror. Mirror Mate is so simple to use because it is an easy press-ont. Coastal Transformations will custom cut the frames to fit your mirror’s exact measurements.


Check Out the Attic Cooling Solution that Costs Nothing to Operate!

Solar Star Attic Fans are one of the best ways to get maximum ventilation to your attic. This is a very environmentally friendly solution that costs nothing to operate. Imagine how much you would be saving if your air conditioner didn’t have to work over time to cool your attic.


How Your Home's Front Door Can Become a Work of Art

They always say your home should be an expression of yourself, and we think that should happen right at the front door. With Coastal Transformation’s Entry Point Glass, you can add beautiful glass patterns to your entryway for almost half the cost of an entirely new door! It only takes about 30 minutes for a Coastal Transformation’s installer to totally transform your door from drab to fab!


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