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All Your Skylight Questions Answered

Skylights are a perfect, affordable way to bring natural light into your home. Homeowners who’ve never enjoyed the experience of living with skylights simply don’t know what they are missing. Many persons believe skylight installations are a major renovation project and the cost will be too high. Quite to the contrary, skylight installation can be quite affordable and the energy savings you get afterward may very well balance out the initial cost. In this article we’ll try to answer some of the common questions we get about skylights.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Install a Skylight?

The plain and simple answer is: it varies. While the cost of the skylight itself is fixed, installation costs depend on the location and size of the skylight, cost of materials, and professional labor. Cutting through multiple layers of roof requires specific tools and a certain level of expertise that can only be found with a professional technician. Our skilled technicians know how to reroute pipes and electrical wires around the skylight and how to mount the skylight at such an angle to optimize the amount of sunlight entering your home.

Will Skylights Save Me Money On Energy Costs?

Simple answer: yes. Depending on the type of skylight you get installed, and where you have it placed, a skylight could provide more savings when it comes to cooling and heating, especially during the colder (winter) months. Some skylights provide ventilation, you simply flip a switch to raise or lower the glass on the skylight and let in additional streams of airflow, which can reduce energy costs during cooler nights. The natural light also makes your home brighter for longer, which reduces the need to have lights on during the day and subsequently your electricity bill. If you want to know more about how skylights contribute to energy savings, check out this article.

Can I Deduct a Skylight on My Taxes?

Yep, up to 30%! Due to the Emergency Stabilization Act of 2008 and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, you can get a 30% tax credit on both the purchase and installation of qualifying products in renewable technologies such as solar electric property, residential solar water heating, qualified small wind energy and qualified geothermal heat pump energy, among others. Save all your receipts and when it is tax time be sure to send in IRS Tax form 5695 along with your taxes. Enter the tax credit off of form 5695 on your 1040 form. To learn more about this, check out this article for eligible products, deadlines and more.

How long do skylights last?

Depending on the material and how well it is maintained, a skylight will typically last between 15 and 20 years, at which point it is important to replace it before serious damage occurs. Here at Coastal Transformations, we install your skylights right the first time and if you need a replacement, we can typically get it done within the same day.

Will a Skylight Affect the Resale Value of My Home?

Yes, in a good way! Many homeowners look for options with lots of natural light because it makes spaces feel larger and natural light has been shown to improve mood and health. Aside from reducing energy costs and decreasing your ecological footprint, natural light has many psychological benefits. Don’t believe us? Switch to HGTV and count how many times a homebuyer mentions wanting “natural light” and you’ll see for yourself.

Who can I trust for quality skylight installation in South Carolina?

A trustworthy skylight installation business should be licensed and bonded, and have a 5 star rating. At Coastal Transformations we are friendly, experienced, locally owned and we are a certified 5 star dealer with Velux. Call us to schedule your free skylight consultation today.

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