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Celebrating Earth Day 2021 With A Little Bit Of Light

Coastal Transformations

This week, we are celebrating International Earth Day, aka Earth Day. Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22 and is geared toward demonstrating support for environmental protection. Earth Day was first observed in 1970 as a way to give a voice to an emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet. Earth Day is celebrated in many ways, but one of the most important things we can do on this day is to educate ourselves and reflect on our lives to figure out what changes we could make to better protect our planet.

You don’t necessarily have to make some dramatic, grand gesture to better protect the earth. Simple changes like switching from paper bills to electronic bills, carpooling, recycling, volunteering to plant a tree, or adopting a wild animal/space to ensure it’s not destroyed. This year, we ask you to think about how much energy you’re wasting in your home with things like excessive artificial lighting. At Coastal Transformations, we are all about helping our customers beautify their homes with practical, cost-effective solutions. We install door glass and skylights, two additions that are good for more than just improved curb appeal, they also provide natural lighting which helps you use less artificial lighting (aka less electricity) and help with temperature control which again means less electricity use.

Skylights have several benefits, from making rooms feel larger, brightening your home, and improving property value but in our opinion, one of the most important benefits is their ability to save on energy costs. Skylights provide natural light which eliminates/drastically reduces the need for artificial light. This in turn relates to a lower electricity bill and reduced energy costs.

You’d be surprised just how much solid doors and energy inefficient windows could be costing you per year. One simple, and beautiful (if we say so ourselves) way to fix this is with decorative door glass. Door glass allows you to still have your desired level of privacy while also improving your curb appeal. More importantly, door glass allows you to fill the front of your home with natural light, decreasing the need for artificial light. Door glass can also help with temperature control by keeping the heat in and cold out. Decorative door glass isn’t limited to your door. We can also install decorative glass in windows!

Here at Coastal Transformation, we have dedicated our 25+ years in business to help our clients beautify their homes and improve their lives. We love what we do not just because what we do beautifies your home but because it’s great for the environment and a great way to dial in long-term savings. As we celebrate Earth Day this year, think about how you can make a change that not only benefits you now but leaves our planet in a better position for future generations.

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