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Cleaning Glasses and Mirrors in your home

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Glass windows and mirrors easily collect dirt, even if you clean them too often. Moreover, in spite of all the meticulous cleaning and elbow grease, the glass does not seem sparkling clean because of the streaks and lint.

Thus, apart from the elbow grease, you also need to use the right tools. For instance, it is best to clean mirrors, glass windows, shower stalls, and glass furniture with a microfiber cloth, chamois, or a squeegee rather than a paper towel because the latter is likely to leave behind streaks.

Interestingly, even a crumpled-up newspaper sheet can work as a great alternative to paper towel. Rest assured, the print ink shall not stain the glass as glass does not absorb ink. Avoid rubbing newspaper on the window frames, though.

Steps for cleaning.
Gather all the cleaning supplies such as white vinegar, water (preferably distilled water), spray bottle or a large bowl, microfiber cloth/soft lint-free cloth/newspaper, and cotton swabs/soft toothbrush.

Step 1
In case you are cleaning a glass window, lay towels on the window sills. This is particularly important when cleaning a window with wooden windowsills.

Step 2
Create a cleaning solution by mixing one part white vinegar and four parts water.

Step 3
Spray it on your cleaning cloth, or simply dip the cleaning tool in this solution and wring out the excess fluid.

Step 4
In case the size of the glass is too large or if you are using a newspaper for cleaning then it would be better to spray the solution on the glass itself.

Rub the glass surface in a circular motion to remove all the spots. Next, wipe with vertical strokes, followed by horizontal swipes to make the glass clean and shiny.

Step 5
Clean the corners and edges with a cotton swab or a soft toothbrush.

Step 6
Finish off with a quick buff using newspaper, or an old cotton t-shirt/cloth diapers to polish the glass.

-For cleaning extremely dirty glass, begin by cleaning it with a microfiber cloth soaked in a cleaning solution, whether it is homemade or store-bought. Finally, polish the glass by rubbing it with a crumpled-up newspaper sheet.

-When using a commercial glass gleaner, prefer to use a product that does not contain ammonia. Mirrors and glass can be cleaned using club soda, too. Coffee filters are also considered effective in this regard.

-If there is a waxy film on the glass, you can mix two cups of water, a quarter cup of vinegar, and a half cup of liquid dish soap.

-Another recipe for the same involves mixing two tablespoons each of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol, one and a half teaspoons of cornstarch in a cup of warm water. Store it in a spray bottle and shake it before every use.

-In case the glass is cloudy, you can use a mixture of a half cup of rubbing alcohol, two tablespoons of ammonia, and a quarter teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Another easy way to clean cloudy mirrors is to use a little shaving cream (not gel).

-For cleaning a glass table, you may use a little lemon juice and then rub it with a newspaper. Do not rub too hard, or else it may cause scratches. Moreover, tiny scratches on glass can be polish using a little white toothpaste.

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