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Coastal Transformations Introduces The Redilight

Coastal Transformations

For over 25 years, Coastal Transformations has been dedicated to bringing our customers cost-friendly home improvement solutions that not only beautify their homes but benefit them physically, financially, and mentally. The recent addition of the Redilight solar powered light system is no different. The Redilight is ideal for both residential and commercial uses and is guaranteed to brighten any room that you choose to install it.

The Redilight Solar Powered light system harnesses the sun’s free energy to provide an alternative to skylights with many of the same benefits. So why should you choose Redilight?

  • It’s Energy Efficient - Because it’s solar powered, you save on electricity costs by harnessing the sun’s free energy.
  • It’s Easy to install - Unlike skylights, Redilights do not require you to cut a hole in your roof or are not limited to certain roof styles.
  • It’s Customizable - One Redilight solar panel can power several Sky Fixtures at once, creating flexible lighting solutions for any building style.
  • It’s made from the Highest Quality materials - Manufactured using the finest components, Redilight comes with an industry-leading warranty and is UL certified. Guaranteeing your lights for years of use.
  • It can switch between solar and grid power - Redilights aren’t limited to daytime use because they’re solar powered. You can have your Redilight configured to switch to grid power at night with our smart lighting kit.

So how does the Redilight work? This video does a good job of explaining how it works. Essentially, the Redilight has 3 components, a solar panel, the wiring system and the actual light fixture. Solar energy is absorbed by the panel and is used to power the light fixture. Thanks to the wiring system, the Redilight can be installed in just about any room, whether on the first or second floor of your home, or in the basement, and it can even be used in RVs!

The Redilight is perfect for dark spaces of your home that cannot accommodate a skylight or solar tube. Coastal Transformations is an authorized dealer for Redilight’s Solalight™ kits. This means you can trust that not only are you purchasing the highest quality solar powered light systems, but you will also receive dependable, timely installation and service. Being an authorized dealer allows for your warranty to be in full effect. Take advantage of our FREE consultation and quick installation by contacting us at (843) 357-3667.

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