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Enjoy The Benefits Of Natural Light With A Skylight

With winter just around the corner, the sunlight hours each day will get less and less. This is usually the time of year when S.A.D starts to make an appearance. Having more sun doesn't just make for more pleasant days it also has great health benefits which go a long way in elevating your mental and overall health. Here are just some of the main benefits natural light can offer, especially during the winter months. 


Boosts vitamin D

The human skin absorbs vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. This is a vitamin that prevents bone loss and reduces the risk of heart disease. It can also aid in reducing weight gain. But the best thing about this vitamin is that the skin absorbs it regardless of whether you are receiving sunlight directly outdoors or through glass/skylights indoors. Therefore, by just increasing your natural light access with a skylight can do wonders for your vitamin D intake.


Wards off Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)
Winters bring with them gloomy days and are also a cause for S.A.D, which affects about 6 percent of the population. S.A.D can make everyday life more difficult, but it has been found that natural light helps alleviate some of those symptoms. The great thing about natural light is that you don’t have to go outdoors to get some of it. Installing a skylight can help you get that much-needed natural light so you can beat the seasonal blues and keep your spirits up.


Improves Sleep
Mental health and quality sleep go hand in hand. A good night's sleep goes a long way in improving mood and mental health and natural light helps in creating better sleep patterns. This has a positive effect on your mood and thereby improves mental health.

Installing a skylight will allow you to reap all of the benefits mentioned above, without even having to leave your home. At Coastal Transformation, we are authorized dealers for Velux Skylights, the highest-rated skylight brand in the US. Schedule a free skylight consultation with us by calling (843) 920-3824.

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