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Household Cleaners Are FILLED With Dangerous Cancer-Causing Chemicals! Use THIS Instead

Everyday, our environment is polluted with toxins – in the ground, our water, and our air. One of the biggest sources of this pollution is none other than everyday household cleaners that can be found in every home across America. Fight it by making your own natural glass cleaner!

On my quest to try and phase out the many toxic products in my life, I’ve began using natural soaps, natural dishwasher rinsers, and natural alternatives to harmful laundry detergents. But one of the most commonly used toxic cleaner are glass cleaners – but I’ve figured out a way to kick that to the curb too.

One of the benefits of making your own homemade cleaning products is the money that you save. It is quick to make, and you don’t have to worry about being exposed to toxic chemicals. People who are sensitive to chemicals, their smells, and fragrances that are in these cleaners should definitely try making their own cleaners instead of suffering needlessly.

Benefits Of Natural Glass Cleaner

Kick Out Toxins. Here is a list of harmful additives that can be found in one of the most popular glass cleaners on the market:

  • propylene glycol
  • 2 Hexoxyethanol
  • Ammonium Hydroxide
  • Mirapol Surf S-210
  • Viden EGM
  • Sodium C14-17 Sec-Alkyl Sulfonat
  • Fragrance Palette (goodness – what’s in that???)
  • Liquitint Sky Blue Dye

I don’t know about you but those don’t sound very health-friendly to me.

Economical. Making you own glass cleaner is much more affordable than buying a bottle of glass cleaner every week – the ingredients are easy to find and you can actually pronounce them!

Protect The Environment. In our history of improving technology and coming out of the stone ages, we have made amazing advances. But they have come at a cost, and the Earth seems to be picking up the tab. By moving away from conventional cleaners, you are making a big difference in the health of our earth, even if it might not seem like it. It all starts with one person!

DIY Natural Glass Cleaner

I know that a lot of people just use plain old vinegar and some newspaper to clean their windows. It’s really easy, and works in a pinch, but it can leave streaks that are unattractive and hard to get rid of.

So I found this recipe that is all natural and seems to be really popular. After giving it a try myself, this has quickly become my go-to recipe for glass cleaner!

You’ll need:

¼ cup of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar works too if that’s what you have)

¼ cup isopropyl alcohol (some people might be sensitive to rubbing alcohol, so you can skip this if you prefer)

1 tbsp of GMO-free cornstarch (this is what makes this spray streak-free)

2 cups of water

8-10 drops essential oil of choice (this is optional, but it makes it smell great. I prefer citrus oils like lemon, but lavender is great too!)


  1. Combine everything in a spray bottle (you can reuse that old spray bottle from the conventional cleaner, or you can pick one up for pretty cheap at a dollar store)
  2. Shake well to mix.
  3. Spray onto glass surface and wipe clean.

I prefer to use re-usable microfiber cloths to clean windows, or an old newspaper from earlier that week. It’s less wasteful than paper towels and don’t leave any of that lint behind.

You can also use natural food dyes to make sure any young one’s rummaging through your cupboards won’t think it’s water. Beet juice is a great natural food dye. One more thing to remember is that vinegar can be harmful to marble, so avoid using this spray on any marble surfaces.

There you have it! Slowly but surely I’m detoxing harmful products out of my life and this homemade glass cleaner has gotten me one step closer. I hope you give this a try and do the environment (and yourself) a favor. Enjoy!

Source: Healthy-Holistic-Living

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