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How to Keep Your Home Cool When You Have Skylights

As a home addition, skylights can make any room look bright and unique. Skylights can keep your home bright during the day, and even provide an indoor view of the moon and stars at night. While the benefits of having skylights are pretty obvious, one of the main challenges our customers face is keeping rooms with skylights cool. Let’s examine how to keep your home cool when you have skylights.

Use Skylight Shades & Covers to Keep Your Home Cool

Skylights are windows on the roof of a house that allow natural light to come in. They can make any room look bright and unique. Skylights keep your home bright during the day and provide an indoor view of the moon and stars at night. In order to keep your home cool and energy efficient, we recommend using skylight covers. These window coverings block the sun to keep the inside of your home from becoming too hot during the summer.

Most people install skylights to conserve energy. However, if your home gets too hot from the light streaming directly through your ceiling, you will likely use your air conditioning more frequently, which will result in a higher energy bill. Skylight covers allow you to reduce the heat of the sun without blocking the sun’s light. The covers are made from durable, thick fabrics that usually contain aluminum. The aluminum in skylight covers helps reflect sunlight without overheating or burning the fabric. If you use skylight covers, you won’t have to alter the temperature on your air conditioning unit. Your home will stay comfortable, even during extremely hot weather.

UV Reflective Films

Aside from aluminum, other products can be used on skylights to deflect the sun’s rays. Reflective film is often used in conjunction with skylight covers. Window film is applied in the same way as tint is applied to the windows of a car and can be stored by a homeowner or by a professional. Sputtered film is a type of reflective window film that provides a clear view. Hybrid reflective film contains dye, so it will not provide a crystal-clear view of the sky, but it does have the ability to block heat and ultraviolet rays. Using reflective window films is not as effective as using skylight covers containing aluminum, but it will minimize the amount of heat and light entering your home.

Purchasing shades for skylights is also an option for keeping your home cool and energy efficient. Shades work just as effectively as skylight covers and are usually made with aluminum as well. They come in many different styles; some of them look similar to and have the same function as window blinds. Not only will they keep your home cool, they are aesthetically pleasing as well.

Skylight Shades

Skylights are perfect for beautifying your home and saving energy; however, you must know how to keep too much sunlight from entering and overheating your home once you install them. Skylight covers are the perfect solution. They are a cost-effective way to enjoy your skylights while keeping your energy costs down. Especially during the long, hot days in the summer months, it’s important to keep your home energy efficient and cool by covering your skylights.

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