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New at Coastal Transformations: 30-watt Solar Star exhaust fans

As the weather starts to cool down, you might be looking for ways to decrease your energy expenses while keeping your house warm. Coastal Transformations is offering installation for the new, 30-watt Solar Star exhaust fans from SolaTube. Exhaust fans have long been a great way to ventilate your home, but solar-powered exhaust fans changed the game completely by providing this same function without adding to your electricity bill.

What exactly is a solar exhaust fan?

Scientific fact: hot air rises. In homes with attics, any hot air will rise to the attic, making it significantly warmer than the rest of the house. This poses a problem for your home’s HVAC system because it will have to work harder to perform its cooling and ventilation functions. Exhaust fans were created to solve this problem. Exhaust fans basically allow hot air to escape from your attic, which keeps your house cooler. By adding solar power, these fans are able to adequately cool your home without making even the slightest dent in your electricity bill. In fact, a solar fan will probably save you money as your AC needs to work less to cool your home.

What are some of the benefits of a solar exhaust fan?

  • You Save $$$!

Regular exhaust fans rely on electricity to cool your attic, while solar exhaust fans utilize the power of a completely free, natural and renewable resource - the sun. Solar powered exhaust fans also qualify for a tax credit on your next tax return, because they contribute to a more-sustainable and environmentally friendly home.

  • Attic Cooling/Ventilation

Unlike regular exhaust fans that simply ventilate your attic, solar exhaust fans are specifically designed to draw hot air out. Drawing the hot air out creates a negative pressure which draws fresh, cool air into the space. Solar exhaust fans work this way, constantly drawing out hot air so cool air can circulate around the home. In South Carolina, our climate tends to be humid all-year-round. Solar exhaust fans help to draw out a lot of this moisture, which helps prevent mold and mildew from occurring and improves your indoor air quality.

  • Protect Your Roof

During the winter, snow can accumulate on your roof and harden into ice, better known as ice damming. Solar exhaust fans help to prevent this and help prevent water from backing up under your shingles because they keep the air underneath your roof circulating.

  • Quiet

SolaTube solar exhaust fans are extremely quiet and easy to operate. Traditional exhaust fans can be quite noisy and keep you up at night, but with a solar exhaust fan, you’ll never even notice when it turns on.

  • No Money Spent to Operate

Let’s circle back to that previous point about solar exhaust fans running on solar energy. As soon as the sun rises, these fans are charged from the sunlight. They store any extra energy in the 30-watt battery to allow them to continue running even when the sun sets.

What’s new about these 30-watt solar exhaust fans?

They are bigger and more powerful. With a 30-watt solar panel, these fans can last for extended periods of time without recharge. Also, these new solar exhaust fans don’t require a thermostat the way electric-powered exhaust fans do. Traditional exhaust fans have a thermostat and won’t ventilate your attic until it reaches a certain temperature. On the other hand, solar exhaust fans will power up first thing in the morning when sunlight hits them. Solar fans have an built-in thermal switch that allows them to automatically activate when temperatures reach approximately 85° F (29° C), and deactivate when temperatures drop below 65° F (18° C). Added to all that, these solar exhaust fans have a remarkable 10-year installation warranty.

Are you ready to take your attic ventilation to the next level? We definitely recommend getting a Solar Star 30-watt exhaust fan installed by Coastal Transformations. Heat and moisture are your home’s enemies, beat them with a Solar Star exhaust fan. Coastal Transformations has been installing solar exhaust fans in South Carolina since 2001. Give us a call at (843) 357-3667 for a free and quick consultation.

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