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Fall And Winter Energy Saving Tips

Easy Energy Saving Tips | 09/03/2018

The days will soon be getting shorter and darker, signaling the transition from summer to fall. We fight it as much as we can by turning on more lights, which is great at that moment but not in the long run. Now is the time of year to refocus on energy efficiency, and what’s one great way to save energy and money… natural light! Here are some great tips for increasing energy efficiency this season, including how to use natural light to your advantage.


Get Creative With Your American Dream With Decorative Door Glass

Staff | 07/22/2018

When you think of decorative door glass, you think creative, unique, artistic and beautiful! With us recently celebrating our nation’s independence...why not allow yourself to enhance the american dream of homeownership, by expressing your creativity with decorative door glass.


How To Keep Your Home Cool When You Have Skylights

Wattson | 07/22/2018

Skylights are great for daylighting and ventilation and they provide warming benefits during the winter. However, the increased heat during the summer might make your AC unit work a little harder to cool your home, so if you have skylights here’s how you can keep your home cool and increase energy efficiency.


Renewed And Timeless Elegance With MirrorMate Frames

Staff | 06/17/2018

Transforming your mirror has never been easier than with a MirrorMate frame. MirrorMate’s custom frames add a finished look to an unframed wall mirror and cover desilvering edges in an instant – giving the look of a high quality, fully-framed mirror. Read this article for more details on matching with your custom frame.


How To Add Natural Light To Your Interiors This Summer

Home Inspiration Ideas | 06/17/2018

It is summer and that means that days are longer and there is more light around. Consider these 5 tips to maximize the bright, natural summer sunlight in your home.

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