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Happy Mother’s Day From Ken And The Rest Of The Coastal Transformations Team!

Staff | 05/13/2018

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year set aside for us to go over the top and pamper Mom with the things she deserves for her hard work the other 364 days of the year.


5 Irrefutable Reasons To Install A Skylight

Staff | 03/25/2018

Skylights are definitely one way to spruce up the aesthetics of your home, but they also have a lot more benefits you may have never heard of. Read on to find out what advantages a skylight may have for you.


6 Benefits Of Natural Light & How To Maximize It In Your Home

Beth Buczynski | 03/25/2018

Natural light seems to bring out the beauty, and indeed color, of everything it touches. When it fills our homes, it brings with it a sense of freshness, vitality and even makes us healthier.


Daylighting...a Bright Solution For Your Cold Winter Days

Staff | 03/02/2018
Letting natural light fill your home on those frosty winter days can be the perfect tool for creating a warm relaxing atmosphere. Read on to find out why sunlight is especially important during winter.

Skylight Design Considerations

Thomas Kelsey | 03/02/2018

Before selecting a skylight for your home, determine what type of skylight will work best and where to place it to optimize its contribution to your home’s energy efficiency, daylighting, and ventilation.

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