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Ring in the Spring with MirrorMate frames!

Do your bathroom mirrors look worn out? Are they draining the life out of your entire bathroom decor? Do your mirrors have desilvering and peeling edges? Then maybe it’s time to restore the life to your mirrors with a custom mirror frame.

Spring is often seen as the season of new beginnings. It’s the time of year when we traditionally conduct our “spring cleaning” of our homes. It’s also a popular time of year for homeowners to think about renovations and projects around the house. If you’re thinking of renovating your bathrooms this spring, we can make the mirror component of that project super simple and affordable. Instead of replacing your mirrors and dealing with all the effort and cost that is associated with that, why not consider the stylish alternative of a MirrorMate frame what can be installed in less than one hour. Our decorative mirror trim and mirror frame installation experts are friendly and skilled when it comes to installing your mirror frames and we’ve got over 65 different styles for you to choose from.

If you want to make a change this spring, but a full-fledged bathroom renovation simply isn’t within your budget, then you should still consider doing a decor upgrade on your mirrors with the MirrorMate option. A classy, unique mirror frame can transform the look of any room, without the work of an entire makeover. You don’t need to pull the entire mirror off your wall to change your decor. It’s as simple as adding a frame over your existing mirror.

Here at Coastal Transformations, we install the beautiful, timeless and elegant MirrorMate frames. Spruce up your bathroom, or any room in your house for that matter, with one of our 65+ frame styles. Installation is super easy because our frames are designed to fit right on your existing mirror. So why wait? This spring, frame that “boring” mirror with a MirrorMate frame that reflects your unique style. Call us at (843) 357-3667 to schedule a free in-home consultation about installing your decorative mirror frames today.

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