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We believe that one of the best ways you can reduce your garage or attic temperature is by installing a fan. We have helped thousands of homeowners create healthier, more energy efficient homes, while protecting their property investment. Our reliable and experienced fan installers are highly skilled and highly trained to tackle any fan project you may have.

We currently offer two high quality fan brands:

- GF-14: Proudly made in the U.S, this garage fan can cool the garage as much as 20 degrees and help cool the attic as much as 40 degrees or bring it closer to ambient temperature.

- Natural Light Solar Attic Fan: Designed for maximum airflow, reliable performance, and whisper-quiet operation, energy-efficient, installs easily and requires no maintenance. They also use solar power, so they cost nothing to operate.

To learn how to cool your home in less than two hours with a garage or attic fan, contact us at (843) 357-3667!

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