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Skylights & Snow: What You Need to Know

This season's winter storms have been no joke. From the Midwest, across the South, and up the Northeast coast, much of the country is experiencing more ice and snow than in recent winters. And, as many homeowners are finding out, skylights (just like any opening in your home) need a little extra attention to make sure ice, snow, and cold weather stays on the outside.

Skylights in the Snow: The (Sometimes Ugly) Truth

On a sunny day - or even during a light snowfall - having a skylight through which to see your very own winter wonderland can make for a magical experience. And, for the most part, snow is not a risk to your skylight at all. It is possible that the sheer weight of massive amounts of snow can damage some skylights, however weather conditions that lead to such a large amount of snow almost never occur in the United States.

The most prevalent problem snow presents to skylights does result from accumulation but not because of the weight; it's because the accumulated snow can block the normal draining of water from your skylight. This can cause ice dams which increase the pressure around the skylight, potentially resulting in leaking and dangerous conditions when you go to brush off the snow.

Keeping Your Skylight Clean in the Snow

Naturally, the best way to avoid ice dams and leakage is to make sure your skylight is kept brushed clean of snow and that any cracks or issues are taken care of as soon as possible. But if you opt for a VELUX skylight, chances are you'll never need to worry about snow affecting your roof windows!

VELUX installers help you decide the best placement for your skylights, with particular regard to your climate, how much and what type of precipitation you're used to getting, and the optimal amount of daylight for your home. In other words, their expert advice will help you find the best placement for your skylights to keep them from accumulating dangerous amounts of snow and ice so you can worry less and enjoy the view more!

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