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This Year, Let Your New Year Resolution Be To Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home And Your Lifestyle.

CTThis year, resolve to let more natural light into your life with these simple tips.

Trim bushes and trees

To benefit from natural light, it must first be accessible. While trees can provide privacy, they keep natural light out. Try to avoid tall trees on the southern side of your home. In the summer, the sun will be too high for them to provide shade and in the winter, the trees will block out solar warmth.

Windows, windows, windows!

Dirty windows can block a great deal of the daylight, so make sure to wash and clean all windows! Avoid heavy curtains/ drapes and window treatments as they can keep natural light out. Instead, use light colored curtains and lightweight fabrics. Make it a daily routine to open your curtains, blinds or other window coverings to let the light in. Also, installing larger windows or french doors can make an amazing difference. Installing higher windows in bathrooms, powder rooms or nurseries can allow access to natural light while still maintaining privacy. Stain glass window upgrades can also bring in a wonderful feel to those special rooms in your home with natural light. Success in bringing in natural light is heavily dependent on what you choose to do with your windows

Have you considered door glass?

Door glass is an excellent way to brighten up your entryway. Often times the area directly as you enter is dark and in need of lightening up and decorative door glass is an excellent solution. Consider using natural light effectively by upgrading your doors with decorative glass inserts.

Install more mirrors

Mirrors are a simple, cost-effective way to increase the natural light in your home – and they can also make rooms appear much brighter by reflecting the light. Installing a large mirror on a wall opposite a window will increase the amount of light in the room by reflecting incoming light. Placing mirrors directly opposite one another gives you infinite reflections, making the room feel both lighter and brighter.

Color it up

Dark colors absorb light while light colors can bounce light around. Avoid deep, dark colors on walls furthest from the windows. To make small spaces look brighter, add light colored paint.

Neutral colors like white, light grey or light tan/cream paint colors work really well.

Also, use a shinier, satin paint finish instead of flat — this will help reflect natural light.

Make your floors lighter with good choices when it comes to carpet, rugs, tile, etc. These choices can help amplify the effect of natural light when it enters the home.


Install a Skylight

Installing skylights are usually a less expensive option than installing new windows. Skylights come in a wide variety of styles and can bring in tremendous amounts of natural light to brighten up your dark spaces.

At Coastal Transformations, we can transform your doors, windows or mirrors or install a skylight to ensure you access as much natural light as possible this year. Contact us at (843)357-3667 or visit our website.


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