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Fill Your Home With Sunlight During The Winter

Staff | 10/23/2022

Winter is almost upon us. Shorter, colder days can start to get you down. Getting some extra light in your home and life can help to ease those blues away.


What Is A Sidelight And Why Should You Have One?

Staff | 09/18/2022

Sidelights are great, energy-efficient ways to add light and beauty to any front door. Decorative glass can display a pop of personality and color.


The Importance Of Natural Light For Seniors

Staff | 08/21/2022

If you’ve got a senior in your life, read this article to learn about a few of the ways sunlight can boost your loved one’s health.


Cool Down Your Home With A Solar Attic Fan

Staff | 07/17/2022

We’re in the heat of summer now, with temperatures at their peak. A solar attic fan can help reduce the strain on your HVAC system, keep your home comfortably cool and lower energy costs.


Happy Father’s Day!

Staff | 06/19/2022

Whether it’s an uncle who’s inspired you to follow your dreams, your grandpa who always manages to put a smile on your face, or your caring husband who’s been a wonderful dad to your children, let’s celebrate the special men we call “Dad.”

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