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The Story Of How Ken Van Heyningen Accomplished The American Dream

Staff | 06/29/2021

As we celebrate 4th July, we think about freedom and the ability to pursue the American dream. For Ken, that dream is a reality as he has been able to own his own business doing something he loves for over 25 years now.


Here's Why You Should Love, Love, Love Skylights

Allyson Miller | 06/29/2021

In this article, VELUX debunks some popular misconceptions about skylights and highlights just a few reasons to love them.



Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is Important For Your Home

Owens Corning | 06/24/2021

An important part of having a healthy home is having proper attic ventilation. But how important is it? In this article we’ll find out.


Cool Down Your Home With Our New Natural Light Solar Attic Fans

Staff | 06/24/2021

Summer is rapidly approaching and you can be sure it’ll bring some heat! Improve your home’s ability to stay cool this year with a Natural Light Solar Attic Fan!


Celebrating Mother’s Day And The Homestretch Of The Pandemic

Staff | 04/22/2021

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at the ray of light emerging from this pandemic… more time at home with the ones we love.

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