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5 Reasons To Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

Dana Vento | 03/12/2020

A framed mirror is not only a distinctive focal point, but also a unique way to create the illusion of space.


Show Your House Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

Staff | 02/06/2020

Valentine’s Day is all about displaying love and affection. Skip the chocolates and flowers this year, and show your home some love with a design upgrade.


3 Reasons To Love Skylights In Your Living Room

Kat Wiseman | 02/06/2020

Skylights are a great way to bring in additional natural light. In this article, we give 3 compelling reasons why you need skylights in your living room - if you don’t already!


Celebrating 25 Years Of Transforming Homes And Lives: Coastal Transformations Is 25 In 2020!

Staff | 01/15/2020

Happy New Year! This year is very special to us because it marks our 25th year in business!


Sunlight May Help Kill Dust-based Bacteria

Noel Kirkpatrick | 01/15/2020

Researchers found that rooms exposed to sunlight kept the germ population in check better than rooms that received no sunlight at all.

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