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10 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

Lucy E. Halse | 11/22/2018

Mirrors are an amazing functional statement piece that give you a lot of room to be creative. Mirror frames allow you to add even more elegance to mirrors and they can easily become the show-stopping centerpiece of your home. At Coastal Transformations, we offer and install the MirrorMate selection of mirror frames. Contact us to learn more...


Renewed And Timeless Elegance With MirrorMate Frames

Staff | 06/17/2018

Transforming your mirror has never been easier than with a MirrorMate frame. MirrorMate’s custom frames add a finished look to an unframed wall mirror and cover desilvering edges in an instant – giving the look of a high quality, fully-framed mirror. Read this article for more details on matching with your custom frame.


How To Add Natural Light To Your Interiors This Summer

Home Inspiration Ideas | 06/17/2018

It is summer and that means that days are longer and there is more light around. Consider these 5 tips to maximize the bright, natural summer sunlight in your home.


Household Cleaners Are FILLED With Dangerous Cancer-Causing Chemicals! Use THIS Instead

Healthy Holistic Living | 05/27/2018

Whether for economic, environmental or simply feel good reasons, natural is the way to go. Skip the harsh window cleaners and try an all-natural product such as the MaviGreen All-natural Glass and Surface Cleaner… or better yet, make your own solution.


6 Types Of Glass Doors And Their Transparent Benefits

Rebecca Gross | 05/13/2018

Glass doors are one of the most elegant and timeless pieces of modern architecture. Read on to learn more of their benefits.

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