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Why Upgrade Your Entry Door?

Staff | 10/27/2016

Have you looked at your entry door recently and sighed? A tinge of dissatisfaction lingered in your brain long after it was out of your sight. You might think this is just being tired of your old door, but there could be several benefits to upgrading your entry door.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider upgrading your entry door.


Transform Your Mirrors Beautifully, Easily And Affordably!

Staff | 08/15/2016

Chances are, there's one hanging in your house or apartment right now: A large mirror affixed to the wall with unsightly plastic brackets. You don't want to spend the resources or time to replace the whole mirror, but you don't want to deal with the plain-ness any longer. Here's a green idea: frame it! Find out how Coastal Transformations can transform your mirror within just ONE hour.


Decorative Glass Windows And Window Films

Marcus Pickett | 08/15/2016

While many homeowners don't immediately think of decorative glass for their window installments, believe it or not, decorative glass offers a unique look for windows and are often energy-efficient in addition to providing interesting wall décor.


How To Keep The Garage And Attic Cool In Hot Places

Admin | 11/17/2015

In warmer climates like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, radiant heat can get trapped in your garage raising the temperature 20 degrees or more! Meaning, if it is 90 degrees outside it could be 110 degrees or hotter in your garage!


How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint On The Cheap!

Admin | 11/17/2015

You can get light in your home without electricity or buying an expensive skylight. Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight is your ecofriendly alternative to get the most natural light in your home on the inexpensively. Installation is fast, clean and easy. There is no structural reframing, tunneling, dry walling or painting required to put a Velux Sun …

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