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A Unique Gift To Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day

Coastal Transformation

Mother’s Day is the time of year when we can go all out and show our mothers and mother-figures just how much we love them with extravagant gifts and gestures. However, finding a gift that isn’t cookie cutter, generic , exorbitantly expensive and most importantly one that is thoughtful can sometimes be hard. Here at Coastal Transformations, we think natural light is the unique gift any mother can enjoy. But don’t just take our word for it, hear about the experience our CEO’s very own mother, Smoki van Heyningen, had when she received door glass inserts as a mother's day gift.

Coastal Transformation


Ken van Heyningen and his mom, Smoki van Heyningen

A few years ago, Coastal Transformations CEO, Ken van Heyningen decided that he wanted to do something special for his mom. He had recently started his business, Coastal Transformations and thought that the gift of a beautifully transformed door would be perfect, and he was 100% right. Over the next few weeks, he and his mom worked together to finalize the perfect design and get the glass ordered. She chose a custom Heirlooms door glass measuring 22” x 64”. She also had a door going from her kitchen to the living room that they worked to enclose and replace with windows. Her door glass inserts also included customized metal and glass accents. Installation took about two hours to complete, but the transformation is one to last a lifetime.

When asked what was it like to work with his mom on such a project, Ken said, “working with mom was awesome! I always enjoy working with customers and bringing their vision to life makes me happy, so working with my mom was extra special.”

But...was receiving this gift as gratifying? Smoki described her new door as a “totally unexpected gift”. She said it fills her home with natural light and has since increased her curb appeal. She described her door as a gift that keeps on giving and said everytime she sees her door she is reminded of her son, who she referred to as “Saint Kenneth.” She said door glass inserts and decorative windows are the perfect gift for anyone, but especially for your mom on Mother’s Day.

Ken has a special relationship with his mom. Although he lives in South Carolina and his mom is currently in Palm Harbor, Florida, the two are very close and she’s very proud of him and the business he has built. When he first got into the door glass business, she said that she was initially surprised by it but now she couldn’t be more proud. She describes him as very people oriented, always taking the time to form sincere relationships with his clients in order to fully understand and realize their dream entryway.

Coastal Transformation


Ken van Heyningen as a young businessman


Coastal Transformation


Coastal Transformation

Ken van Heyningen as a boy

If you’re in the South Carolina area, consider reaching out to Ken at Coastal Transformations to get your mom’s door beautifully transformed too. Since 2004, Coastal Transformations has been revolutionizing door glass across the Grand Strand area. All it takes is a creative mindset and a short consultation to get started. You and your mom get to see a digital image of what the new insert will look like before the glass order is even placed. It takes about an hour for installation then voila, your mom has a statement piece that will bring the benefits of natural light into her home for years to come. Best yet, like Ken’s Mom...everytime she comes home she will think of you her wonderful son/ daughter! So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our special Mother’s Day sale and contact Coastal Transformations for your perfect Mother’s day gift!


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