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Add More Natural Light To Your Home This Spring

Spring is here! That means the season of home improvement projects is well underway. Finding ways to incorporate more natural light is a common topic of interest for homeowners. Sunlight has a multitude of benefits, from better health, to reduced energy consumption and many more. At Coastal Transformations, we specialize in helping homeowners bring more natural light in. Here are a few of the products that we offer to do this:

Skylights are sometimes referred to as ‘roof windows’. They are a great way to bring daylight and fresh air into your home. Not only that, but skylights offer amazing energy-saving benefits. VELUX skylights come with an unmatched, 10-year, “no-leak” warranty. We are a certified, 5-star dealer and installer for VELUX skylights. That means you can take comfort in knowing your skylight will be properly installed and maintained through its lifetime.  

Door Glass
Want a touch of elegance with all the natural-light benefits of a skylight? Then decorative door glass is a great option for you. Adding glass to your front door helps to significantly increase natural light in your home while transforming your curb appeal. At Coastal Transformations, we only partner with durable brands to ensure that you get the very best, quality products. We are authorized dealers for ODL and Western Reflections, two of the highest-rated glass manufacturers. You can trust us for quality products and service. 

Fun fact: ODL glass is certified to meet Florida’s stringent building-code requirements for hurricane safety. That means your glass doors will be capable of withstanding the impact of anything, from a stray pebble to a hurricane. Imagine having a beautiful glass door that brings lots of natural light in while being completely safe. But decorative glass isn’t just for your door. You can have it installed on your transoms, sidelites and windows, too!

Redilight is a solar-powered system that provides energy-efficient lighting within your home. Redilight is a great option for areas where roof angle/design make it hard for skylights to reach, such as basements or bottom floors. As a highly-rated, authorized dealer for Redilight’s Solarlight™ kits, we deliver dependable,  timely installation and service. 

At Coastal Transformations, we offer you custom solutions to help you bring more natural light into your home. Contact us to find out how you can fill your home and your life with light.

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