Brighten Your Home Office with Natural Light

Over the past two years of the pandemic, many of us have transitioned to working from home. In addition to health and safety, benefits include: increased productivity, reclaimed commute time and reduced overhead costs for companies that no longer have to rent or lease office space. However, for some people, being away from the work environment may reduce productivity.

Are you investing in ergonomics for your home office? The simplest way to define workplace ergonomics is designing the space to meet the user's needs. It’s estimated that investing in ergonomics for the workplace can increase productivity by 37% and yield a 1,675% return on investment (ROI). If your workplace is shifting to your home, you should consider the ergonomics of your home office. One thing to pay attention to is the amount of natural light you have.

Adding natural light to your home workspace can help you become more productive. Some companies have seen anywhere from a 2% increase to a 15% increase in employees’ productivity just by increasing natural light in the workplace. When you add a skylight, windows or mirrors (to reflect light), or replace a solid door with a glass one, making an investment in a brighter space can make a substantial difference in your work life at home.

The benefits of natural light go beyond increased productivity. They include:

  • Better-quality Sleep - Daylight can improve your sleep at night, tying into our natural, circadian rhythm/patterns of light and dark.
  • Enhanced Mood - Sunlight helps to trigger the release of serotonin, aka the “happy hormone,” which helps to ease Seasonal Depression.
  • Improved Health - Natural light also increases vitamin D production. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, encourages bone growth and strengthens the immune system.

We want you to experience all of the benefits of natural light. We’re experts in helping you bring more of it into your home.

At Coastal Transformations, we care about transforming homes and lives. Our goal is to help improve your quality of life with unique, creative, home improvement options. Let 2022 be your most-productive year yet. Schedule a consultation with us to see how we can help you bring more light into your home workspace.





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