Celebrating 25 years of transforming homes and lives: Coastal Transformations is 25 in 2020!

Coastal Transformation

Happy New Year! As we reflect on 2019, we must say thank you to everyone that has shown us patronage over the past year. Thank you to our referral partners, and to our partner companies…it’s an honor to be able to carry your products and be associated with your companies. Thank you to our staff, you are all amazing and help make this job so much more fulfilling! This new year (2020) is a very special year for us as it marks the milestone of 25 years in business for us.

Ken van Heyningen did a 4-year term with the U.S Coast Guard before leaving to work in the construction industry doing floor coverings. After some time there, he decided to start his own company and so he launched his own floor coverings company in 1990. A few years later, his mother saw the tubular skylights and suggested that might be a worthwhile venture for Ken. So, in 1995, Ken started installing skylights. A few years later, he added door glass to the service list and the rest, as they say, is history.

We know it now as Coastal Transformations, but before Ken started door glass installation in 2003 the company was known as Carolina Solar Lighting. Ken credits the name ‘Coastal Transformations’ to the fact that the door glass transforms the front of your house by bringing in the light while the tubular skylights make your house brighter… essentially we’re transforming the look of your house and transforming a dark room to a bright room. In 2007, Ken opened a second showroom in Charlestown. About 7 years later, he added MirrorMate custom frames to the list of service offerings.

Coastal Transformation

Coastal Transformation

Coastal Transformation

Coastal Transformation

Caption: Photos of the Coastal Transformations Showroom

Looking forward to the future, Ken hopes to be able to add an additional technician to the team. He currently works with his son-in-law but he’d like to hire and train additional staff to be able to serve more clients. He credits his success in this business to the people skills he learned during his time in the military. Compared to some other companies, we offer a breath of fresh air by being timely, clean and taking care of any issues our customers face.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we’d like to say Thank You to every single person that has chosen us over the past 25 years to beautify your home. We look forward to your continued support for years to come. When you want to bring in the light, do it right by relying on Coastal Transformations for your door glass and skylights. Give us a call to schedule a consultation.



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