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Fill Your Home With Sunlight During The Winter

Winter is almost upon us. Shorter, colder days decrease the amount of natural light we get, which can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Finding creative ways to get some sunlight into your home can help to improve your mood, health and decor. At Coastal Transformations, we have just what the doctor ordered. With our suite of products, you can increase your access to natural light, even during the winter months.


The Power of Glass

Many people underestimate just how much natural light a glass door can bring in. Replacing some of the panels in your solid door with decorative glass allows more natural light into your entryway and brightens up the living spaces of your home. This increased natural light in turn leads to improved productivity, healthier skin and improved mood. 


Skylights… Windows For Your Roof

Think about how much light enters a room from a large window, especially one that faces the sun. Now imagine that same sort of light coming from your roof. Skylights have been referred to as roof windows for a long time because they provide a similar feel. Skylights help to significantly increase the amount of  natural light in your home, which has many benefits. Aside from helping you to conserve energy costs, the natural light that enters through your skylight helps to promote serotonin production in the body, which helps to improve your mood, productivity and give an overall feeling of well-being. 


Redilight Solar Powered Lights

Redilight is a solar-powered system that provides energy-efficient lighting inside your home. Redilight is a great option for areas where roof angle/design make it hard for skylights to reach, such as basements or bottom floors. It’s also good for middle levels where skylights cannot be installed. Although Redilights work differently from skylights or door glass, they use natural light to help brighten your home, which provides all the same mood-boosting benefits. 


As we head into the later fall and eventually winter, we want to remind you how much of a difference natural light can make in improving your mood. Consider us your one-stop shop for a variety of home improvement options and products to help you get the extra natural light you need in the coming months. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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