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How Ken Van Heyningen Turned A Love For Helping People Into A 25 Year Old Business

coastal transformation

How many people get to wake up everyday and do something they love? Think about it. Some people go through life without ever being able to do what they love. Fortunately for Ken van Heyningen, he has had the opportunity, every day for the past 25 years, to do something he loves. As we celebrate another Valentine’s Day, we’d like to take a look at the evolution of Coastal Transformations and how it all began.

Ken van Heyningen did a 4-year term with the U.S Coast Guard before leaving to work in the construction industry doing floor coverings. After some time there, he decided to start his own company and so he launched his own floor coverings company in 1990. A few years later, his mother saw the tubular skylights and suggested that might be a worthwhile venture for Ken. So, in 1995, Ken started installing skylights. A few years later, he added door glass to the service list and the rest, as they say, is history.

We know it now as Coastal Transformations, but before Ken started door glass installation in 2003, the company was known as Carolina Solar Lighting. Ken credits the name ‘Coastal Transformations’ to the fact that the door glass transforms the front of your house by bringing in the light while the tubular skylights make your house brighter… essentially we’re transforming the look of your house and transforming a dark room into a bright room. In 2007, Ken opened a second showroom in Charlestown. About 7 years later, he added MirrorMate custom frames to the list of service offerings.

Ken enjoys establishing strong relationships with his clients and takes great pride in helping people express their creativity through home upgrades that bring natural light in. It is this passion that has kept him going and his business growing for an impressive 25 years. Clients are always “WOWed” by how his simple/ budget friendly recommendations end up enhancing their home’s curb appeal. This adds value to their home, not to mention the health benefits garnered from an increase in natural light throughout their home.

Of course, nothing comes without its challenges. What makes the difference, however, is how you respond to those challenges. Ken has consistently proven his dedication by staying firm in his craft no matter what obstacles were thrown his way. He has found a myriad of new ways to improve his business and client interaction over the years. Quite notably, one of the main reasons customers love his process is because, before undertaking installation, an initial consultation is held with clients where they can see a digital image of what their new door or window will look like. This allows our clients to be involved in the process from start to finish, and the results are always breathtaking!

A passion is something you have until your last breath. For Ken, helping people transform their homes, and by extension their lives, is something that comes as naturally to him as breathing. For him, there’s hardly any joy that can compare to the feeling of knowing you helped someone rekindle their love with their home. Fall in love with your home again! Call (843) 357-3667 and ask for Ken or visit!

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