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The Story Of How Ken Van Heyningen Accomplished The American Dream

Coastal Transformations

4th July is a special time for our nation. It reminds us that we are a free nation and we have the liberty to do many things. It also reminds us that we have the ability to dream and to celebrate those dreams. For many of us, the American dream looks different. For some, the American dream means owning your own house, starting a family, or having a stable job, and for some, it means owning your own business. Our owner, Ken van Heyningen, was able to realize the dream of owning his own business and for over 25 years he has filled the home improvement needs of customers within the Grand Strand area.

After leaving the U.S Coast Guard, Ken worked in the construction industry doing floor coverings. In 1990, he decided to step out and start his own floor coverings company. A few years later, his mother suggested he add skylights to his services so in 1995, Ken started installing skylights. A few years later, he added door glass to the service list and has since added a handful of other services, including MirrorMate frame installations and solar attic fan installations.

Currently, Coastal Transformations suite of services includes door glass installation, window upgrades, skylight and solar tubes installation, solar attic fan installations, solar lighting installations and MirrorMate custom frames installation.

Owning Coastal Transformations has truly been a dream come true because Ken enjoys establishing strong relationships with his clients and takes great pride in helping people express their creativity through home upgrades that bring natural light in. It is this passion that has kept him going and his business growing for an impressive 25 years. Clients are always “WOWed” by how his simple and budget-friendly recommendations end up enhancing their home’s curb appeal. This adds value to their home, not to mention the health benefits garnered from an increase in natural light throughout their home.

Ken has been blessed to live his American dream for the past 25 years and we all deserve the chance to live ours too. While your dream may not necessarily be to own your own business, we at Coastal Transformations would love to help you realize your dream of a brighter, more beautiful home with increased curb appeal. Whether you’re thinking of decorative door glass this spring, skylights or a solar attic fan, let the experts at Coastal Transformations help. Call today to set up a consultation!

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