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We’re Giving Thanks For Great Customers Who’ve Got Lots To Say About Our Service

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Usually we like to use this holiday as an opportunity to thank you all for patronizing us, but this year we’ve got a few customers thanking us for transforming their homes and we’d like to share those with you. Read all about these customers’ experiences in their own words.

Debbie Wharton

In 2014, my husband and I bought our home and decided to get our front door and skylight replaced with beautiful glass. We also had solar attic fans and solar tubes added. We took out one of the windows in our master bath and had it designed with stained glass. We hired Ken to do these projects for us and I was very pleased with him. Since then, we also went to him for some frames for our mirrors when we were remodelling our bathroom.

I always refer Ken to others because he is very easygoing and extremely accommodating. He gives you a lot of options, makes the process easy, doesn’t pressure or make you worry in any way. Whatever we needed, he was there to accommodate us. In fact, when we had an issue with the alignment of our sidelight, he ordered a new one and replaced it for free. We never made any payments until after the jobs were done and everything had to be to my satisfaction.
Ken was personable, everything went well and I was really, really satisfied. He was extremely patient when we were doing our stained glass, I was uncertain about the different colors in my stained glass so he offered to take me to check out another customer’s glass that had the same color. He said if I liked it I could do that and if not, we could replace it with something else. If you’re considering hiring Ken for your project, you definitely won’t be disappointed. He definitely takes pride in his work. Just go to his showroom and take a look, he’s very personable and takes his time with you and he’s never rushing.

Some of the work done at Debbie’s home:



Lori Adams

Back in 2014, I called Coastal Transformation to do a screen and plastic windows for the porch at the back of our house. The process took about 2-3 days and it was very easy. Ken was very good, efficient, prompt, on-time and they cleaned up after themselves. Since I did mine, I recommend him to all my friends/people looking to get their door glass/skylights/windows done.

Some of the work done at Lori’s home:

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Smoki van Heyningen

My new door was a gift from my son and it was totally unexpected. It fills my home with natural light and has since increased my curb appeal. My door is definitely a gift that keeps on giving and everytime I see it, I’m reminded of my son, who I like to call “Saint Kenneth.” Door glass inserts and decorative windows are the perfect gift for anyone as they can be tailored to fit your individual taste.

Thank you to all of our amazing customers for choosing us to transform your homes. Since 2004, Coastal Transformations has been revolutionizing door glass across the Grand Strand area. All it takes is a creative mindset and a short consultation to get started. You get to see a digital image of what the new insert will look like before the glass order is even placed. It takes about an hour for installation then voila, you now have a statement piece that will bring the benefits of natural light into your home for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Visit our showroom or contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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