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We’ve Had Enough Ugly, Let’s Celebrate Halloween With A Little Beauty This Year

coastal transformation

In a matter of days, persons all across the country will celebrate Halloween. This holiday is almost synonymous with dressing up and the ritual of trick-or-treating. This year, we might want to skip the trick or treating, or at least take some extra precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, why not consider taking the dress-up games to your home, but with a twist. Instead of temporary decorations to make your house look scary, how about a permanent fixture to beautify your home - decorative door glass.

Decorative door glass is an amazing, cost-friendly, and unique way to enhance your home’s curb appeal while also increasing your access to natural light. Decorative door glass is completely customizable. At Coastal Transformations, we can take you through the entire process from consultation and design to installation. We create beautiful entryway transformations including doors, sidelights, transoms, and internal blinds and shades for the rear. Door glass allows your home to be filled with more natural light and considering the many benefits of natural light, this is a big advantage.

Your front door is the first thing someone will see when they visit or pass by your home. Door glass allows you to customize your front door with the style/design and colors of your choosing. You can also choose from a variety of types of glass and levels of privacy. At Coastal Transformations, we allow you to sketch your own custom design or you can choose from one of our traditional designs. During the consultation, you get to see a digital sketch of what your new door will look like so that you know exactly what you’re getting. Additionally, we install ODL glass products, which are certified to meet Florida’s Building Code requirements for hurricane safety. The takeaway: you can have a beautiful glass door that offers as much privacy as you wish while being completely safe.

At Coastal Transformations, we believe this year has already given us many things to be scared of, so we don’t need any more surprises or scary things this Halloween. Instead, let’s use this opportunity (and our attached Halloween discount offer) to revitalize your curb appeal and make your front entryway the beautiful oasis it ought to be. We specialize in decorative door glass but we also do window glass upgrades, and we install and service skylights. We are following all county guidelines for the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. Our installations are contact-free and performed at your convenience. Call us at (843) 357-3667 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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