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What Are The Benefits Of Natural Light In Your Home?

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Looking for a way to cut down on energy costs throughout your home? What if you could perk up your home's presentation and create a relaxing, yet stimulating environment in the process? Implementing natural light throughout the house is the easiest way to have it all. Read more about the benefits of natural light in your home below.

Natural Light in the House

Maybe you’ve been inspired by the bright rooms you’ve seen online lately. Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to lower your stress level, while increasing productivity. Or maybe it’s simple: You’re looking to save a few bucks at home. Regardless of the reason, adding more natural light in the house can certainly prove beneficial.

Picture this: The curtains are pulled back, the shutters are open and the cat is stretched out on the floor, basking in the sunlight. That’s natural lighting. Welcoming, energizing, makes-me-want-to-stare-out-the-window-all-day natural lighting.

Need convincing beyond the basking cat? Here are some benefits of natural light in your home to consider:

1. It helps you save on energy costs.

Operating the lights in your home accounts for about 11 percent of your total energy consumption, per the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Add to that the 9 percent that goes toward your heating costs. That’s 20 percent of your entire energy consumption. Imagine the difference you can make if you simply turn off your lights in the daytime and take advantage of the added warmth that comes from natural light.

2. It helps you beat the blues.

Ever notice the bounce in your step when it has been particularly cloudy and dreary for a while and then the sun decides to peek out from behind the clouds? That’s because the sun creates vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D in your body may be one of the factors that contributes to depression, so absorption of the sun’s vitamin D has been linked to an improved mood.

3. It has been shown to make you more productive.

When your mood improves, so does your energy level. More energy = better concentration = more productivity.

4. It keeps your body’s natural clock on schedule.

Large amounts of artificial light tend to confuse your brain when it comes to wake and sleep times. Natural light, on the other hand, helps your body’s circadian rhythm and allows you to feel sleepy and alert at the appropriate times.

5. How to Increase Natural Light in Your House

Ways to add more natural light

1. Assess your window treatments

Consider installing treatments that can easily be moved out of the way to let the light in. If you’re feeling bold (and on-trend, for that matter), consider ditching the treatments all together and having “naked windows.”

2. Determine if your current windows are up to the task.

To save on energy costs, ensure your windows are energy-efficient.

3. Consider installing more windows.

Whether it’s bay windows, bow windows or a “wall of windows,” the more there are, the more the light will shine through. For a more subtle impact, consider installing skylights, clerestories and tubular daylighting devices.

4. Incorporate brighter paint colors around your sources of natural light.

Allow the natural light to “play” throughout the rooms by brightening the house with white or light paint colors. To get the most impact, consider painting the window trim white, as well as big, bulky pieces, such as the kitchen cabinets.

As you can see, implementing natural light throughout your house has many perks. Who wouldn’t want to save money and improve overall well-being at the same time?

And when the sun goes down, you have options for lighting your house more efficiently, as well.

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