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Transform Your Entryway for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means it’s time to prep your home for parties, gatherings, and extra company. Even if you’re not planning to host any holiday extravaganzas this year, decking out your entryway for the holidays will help get you into the spirit and bring a festive energy to your home.

Whether you take the less is more approach to the holidays or you love to do it big, here are 4 ways you can enhance your entryway for the holidays.

#1. Decorative Door Glass

The holidays are the perfect time to spruce up your entryway by adding some new, decorative door glass to your front door. Coastal Transformations has everything you need to add or replace your door glass in 30 minutes or less. Plus, with ODL's wide variety of styles, there’s a door glass design for everyone.

#2. Wreaths

Adding a wreath to your front door is an easy, simple way to add some interest to your entryway. If you’re a crafty person, check out one of these 55 DIY Christmas wreaths that are sure to turn heads. If DIY isn’t your thing (no judgement here), pick up a unique, or even a customized, design on Etsy.

#3. Festive Lights

Nothing screams holiday cheer like festive lights lining your entryway. Whether you love colorful lights or you prefer classic white, stringing some lights around your front door will make your entryway more cheerful and bright.

#4. Fresh Greenery

There’s something magical about fresh greenery around the holidays. We've all witnessed the transformation a room undergoes when you bring in plant life and greenery, and the same rule applies here. From potted pine trees to fresh wreaths and garlands, incorporating greenery in your entryway is an elegant, inviting way to decorate for the holidays.

Transforming your entry for the holidays is a sure way to get yourself in the spirit of the season, but feel free to use these tips inside your home as well! Whether you add lighting to your front stoop or garland to your living room, these guidelines are sure to convert your home into a winter wonderland.

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