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What Is A Sidelight And Why Should You Have One?

Sidelights have been used for decades to create visual and design focal points. Chances are you’ve probably seen them before but just didn’t know what they were called. 


Sidelights are narrow, vertical windows positioned on one or both sides of an entry door. While the design of your home may dictate their location, you have endless choices in the type of glass you prefer.


Benefits of Having Sidelights

  • More Natural Light

Sidelights flood your entryway with sunlight, making your home feel bigger and brighter. 


  • Curb Appeal

Sidelights can transform the exterior of your home and enhance curb appeal. When outfitted with decorative glass, they can make your entryway feel luxurious and open, setting the whole tone for your home.


  • Unobstructed Views

Sidelights allow you to clearly see outside without needing to open the door. They are especially useful for homes with solid doors or family members too short for a peephole, such as kids and pets.  


With beautiful additions like decorative door glass and sidelights, your front entryway doesn’t have to be plain. Sidelights can be outfitted with unique, colorful designs or customized with high-privacy glass.  


Let Coastal Transformations help you create a main entrance that stands out. We can upgrade your existing sidelights with beautiful, decorative glass. The possibilities are endless. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.


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